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Tomb Raider remains a very good game. It was one when it was released early last year, and with a little Next-Gen polish, it’s now an even better experience. If that’s all you need to hear before rushing to buy it, do it with our blessing. For those who need more, we continue.

Crystal Dynamics’ reinterpretation of the Tomb Raider franchise is not that far from the presentation that was introduced years ago. action, puzzles, platform–it’s all here. enjoyment comes in the way it is presented. As well as casting Lara Croft absolutely from the moment she starts to the credits – which helps you connect with her as a character – he’s superbly placed and never falls into any pattern. He is constantly trying to keep you on your feet.

With The definitive edition, you get it all again, except this time it looks better than before on consoles (obviously). Those who come back for another try may not be phenomenally outdated-it wasn’t really bad in 2013-but it certainly competes with everything we’ve seen so far on next-generation machines. This is an exceptionally pretty game.

Although all these positive aspects remain a big Plus, Tomb Raider still has a lot of flaws, the story being the biggest misstep. Incredibly obvious and full of clichés, you can’t help but cringe in some dialogue when people are talking to each other as if they’re reciting a GCSE play. The last of us would laugh Tomb Raider from the playground.

Considering the narrative doesn’t have too much of an impact on what you actually do – Cutscenes aside – it’s really not a big deal. If you’ve never played Tomb Raider, you should, and if you want to experience it again and on your shiny next-Gen console, then this is a worthy undertaking.

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