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I’m alone. Lower number. Under-equipped, although it’s my fault. Actually, I’m hardly prepared. I plan movement and solidification. I am afraid. I can’t be seen … and then it hits me-I can not be seen.

I was not seen.

They didn’t see me.

And I knock; with a” blow ” of my blackjack, the guard is unconscious – I would have stabbed him with my sword, so the level of choice is here, but I decided to let him live on another day of the guard.

The treasure is mine. I am successful. I spent the last half hour sneaking into the shadows, but it was worth it.

And boy, you can see the comment it’s worth it! Thief really pushes your 3Dfx hardware to its limits-even if you can still play it well without the extra hardware (you’ll need at least a P200 chip without the 3D card, remember).

This means that all these fantastic crimes you commit by Thief: the 12 levels of the Dark Project are as brilliant as you could wish for – it’s a game in which all the walls, doors, tables, and chairs can be checked, looked at and recorded. Although you can’t steal them all!

Thief is a kind of Doom clone, of which we have not yet chosen big, which means that you will have a certain amount of freedom when facing its levels. It’s not like Star Wars: the Dark Forces, where you go from start to finish – it has more to do with Duke Nukem 3D as you get to explore.

Although, unfortunately, there are fewer naked birds in Thief-sorry, guys!

Since Half-Life was released recently and shows us in which direction the world is moving after the earthquake, it’s brilliant to see something like Thief that shows us that there is another one for computer games. Here we hope for a bright future of Doom, Quake, Rise of the Triad, and now clones Half-Life and Thief!

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