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I should have seen the movie first. The game made me laugh a lot, but since then I realized that now I had ruined the best jokes of the film and that this link really had not tried anything new. This is not the most surprising crime for a game called “the Lego Movie Videogame”, but we are there.

They have the same Brick BREAKER and character collect gameplay you’ve been waiting for wrapped around a 90-minute movie script. This is not necessarily a bad thing (depending on your feelings for the brick that breaks), but I contrition that I did not first experience the laughter on the big screen, with the expected pace.

That’s not all that’s sad; in fact, it’s a wonderfully colorful game to play. Sometimes you can even contrition breaking absolutely everything you come across into small pieces of plastic. Each new zone is inspired by old and new Lego sets, and while the opening city “Bricksburg” may seem a bit banal (this is somehow the problem), you will soon venture into the sublime and follish. The playable characters are also diverse, so the player has the opportunity to control Batman, or you know, a unicorn kitten spitting a rainbow.

The main problem of the Lego movie is its origin. While previous film links made fun of their source material and adapted Hogwarts, Middle-earth or Gotham (among others) to adapt to the Lego universe, this game does not have this opportunity and is poorer for it. By using snippets from the movie during the film sequences and rarely making my own gags, I remind myself that I don’t play Lego games for their simplistic gameplay, which, as you would expect, hasn’t changed here.

Instead, I play them to see other famous worlds reinvented with this Lego magic. There’s nothing wrong with the Lego Movie video game, but it just doesn’t have the same appeal as the other entries in the series.

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