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While the conversations I’ve had are indicative of the players as a whole, no one agrees on what they want from Left Behind, the only DLC story released for the Last of Us. With that in mind, I have a feeling that he will leave his mark in different ways depending on who is sitting with her.

By filling in some of the gaps found in Ellie and Joel’s journey, while making a reference to the life of the first before she finds her way into the care of the second, he follows a very different path to the main game. Press the emotional side of things pretty hard, while unraveling Ellie’s character, a large part of her time will be spent on this, which may seem a little trite, at least on paper. Action with the water gun, try a selection of masks, take photos in a photo booth.

the reasons for all are very clear, but they suggest as much as they lack. A special moment on a carousel, for example, is very touching indeed : a hinge scene (which I do not spoil), less.

Elsewhere, that’s what you’d expect from the Last of Us, and while Left Behind isn’t quite in action, there are still plenty of action to be fought.

If anything, Naughty Dog is betting way too much on these towards the end of the experiment, because for no real reason other than to extend the duration of the content, a lot of enemies are constantly being thrown at you. It is certainly intense and by no means bad-there are few reasons for this.

It was never the goal to leave the spirit behind. It’s an emotional experience and conscious, and anyone who bought the original narrative will be intrigued – some of the bombs dropped during its relatively short time may raise some eyebrows. However, the question of whether these issues should be addressed is another question. The story of the Last of Us was almost perfect in terms of what she wanted to achieve. It does nothing to build or remove from it.

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