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Most of the iOS games I sit down to play are useless in minutes, because the controls are gumpf. Either too complicated, or just completely insensitive, it is impossible to enjoy at once just what is offered, because you are constantly struggling with the game. Shadowblade is the opposite.

A fairly standard Hack-n-Slash platformer, where you majestically jump through its world before plunging your sword into unexpected enemy skulls, its real power comes to light because the control system is so well implemented: based on a series of taps and blows, as always, it almost effortlessly responds to you.

Thanks to this, Shadowblade can get serious with the Genre to which it is dedicated and ask you to launch your Ninja hero through potential strike courses that from time to time would even make Mario blush from the old school. You can also chain everything he teaches you to the point where you will never break your step. Accomplish this, and the feeling of pride that you feel will be a little embarrassing.

The ensemble continues this path of success. Shadowblade has the look to appeal to the most cynical of us, a great soundtrack and is presented in such a way that they think what they are dealing with is a big deal. It’s no longer playschool, son…

It improves the more you play, too, because of the way it keeps events diverse.

The after levels are a real challenge, and the few scattered collectibles open up a more difficult test in the matter you tend to chase them away. A Horde-like mode even appears from time to time.

Shadowblade is one of the best mobile games of recent times and a bright beacon and a poignant lesson for other developers. This is the Bar. Now you are trying to increase it.

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