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Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project doesn’t have the title track riffle we all remember. This is her first big one. The decision to use a Version that seems to have been made by the worst garage band in the world is just another reminder that the arnie-inspired staff remains a hero from here. Oh, How we long for the day when someone will make it relevant. That Hope is fading fast…

In the same matching game for PC more than a decade ago, and then for XBLA and Steam, this is an incredibly digital platform game that Duke can use to joke when striking pigs. It would probably be more acceptable if it was well controlled, but guess what? That’s shot two.

The first thing you notice when Manhattan Project gets underway is that there are buttons everywhere. Someone has never heard of the word “intuitive”, because they need an additional need to make it comfortable – the whole screen is a collection of faded light symbols.

Just because you’re carrying a game on a new platform doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a conversation about the ends where the potential pieces need to be topped. This would a priori prevent crossdressers like this.

Some, you can connect a gamepad if you want, but do you really want all also lanyard? The answer is no.

Just to hammer that nail deep into the circle – and provok the last fatal blow – the whole game is just incredibly unremarkable. Each level is essentially identical to the last and applies on fantastic ideas like “introducing a new army from time to time” to justify why the dullness persists. Gees. Thanks.

As always, he tries and throws microtransactions in the face, but these should be ignored at all costs. Similar to Duke Nukem: the big hits himself…

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