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After the huge amount of money that we brought back from the dead with a double fine for the point’n’click adventure, it’s safe to say that broken Age act 1 has raised a lot of expectations–especially because not so long ago the studio asked for another dose of money after spending the original million.

Luckily they didn’t let him pee in the sewer. Broken Age openly oozes money: everything seems to have been painted by hand, the soundtrack is absolutely stunning, the characters and dubbing are always stunning.

From a critic’s point of view, it’s a total nightmare – an impossible gauntlet of cliched and forbidden words like twee, lovely and, worst of all, “charming”. But the difficult truth about Broken Age is that there really isn’t much else. You go for a walk, click on tricks and solve incredibly simple puzzles.

The point’n’click is back, but not, as we remember. The simplification sums things up to a one-button-driven game-a choice that seems to be the best fit for iOS.

This Universal “do things” button means that there is no way to examine objects or to start a dialogue about subtle and detailed elements of the world around you. The painted backdrops have never been so beautiful, but the lack of interaction makes the playgrounds a little flat.

The ability to interact with key elements of the story progression alone also makes the puzzles remarkably easy, mitigating the unique aspect of agency that players offer throughout the game.

The memories of the more difficult puzzles of the Lucasarts era are undoubtedly colored pink, but one gets the feeling that they have gone a step too far.

It would be a big problem if it was not so pleasant. This sounds more like an interactive cartoon than a classic Lucasarts game, but if you are aware of this broken age, you will have a pleasant, cheerful time. It’s just beautiful. This should not be enough, but in this matter – it really is.

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